¡Vacaciones de verano chéveres!

Mas y mas animales. More and more FUN! New friends to make. More games to play. Puppets, stories, boardgames, playdough, watercolors, parachutes, jumprope rhymes in español, singing, dancing. ¡Me gusta el español! Mi títere habla español. Pintamos animales. We read and illustrate poems. The serpent is looking for his tail. It takes team work to jump rope. We enjoy playing games in Spanish. Señora Duque reads me a story.

And the FUN continues! week 2

The theme this week, Un montón de animales, Oodles of Animals, provides content that excites kids and affords rich language experiences. The kids are enjoying a week of FUN activities in Spanish to learn more about all kinds of animals -- real animals, imaginary animals, exotic animals, farm animals and pets. They have made sock puppets and modeling clay creatures. They can recite animal poems and are illustrating a booklet of poems called Un montón de animales. We have sampled guava paste with queso fresco, blue corn torillas con salsa picante and tomorrow we will make and sample a tropical fruit salad. There is time for BINGO, Concéntrese, Memoria and Pirinola games in Spanish. Plus we

First day of Spanish Immersion Summer Camp!

Great first day of Spanish immersion summer camp at Escuelita de Lita! We danced merengue with Kristin​ Mejía, made tortillas from fresh "masa" and ate them with fried "queso fresco", relaxed with yoga in Spanish and began to create our "mundos imaginarios. We have a packed week of playing, learning and creating in Spanish!

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