And now the brain work...

Escuelita kids work by levels. The younger kids are working on a culture/vocabulary booklet to record their new learnings about Salento and the older kids have a more detailed booklet which incorporates reading and writing. Escuelita de lita is for kids who want more!

¡Comamos la bandeja paisa!

Delicioso Do you know that the typical meal in the Colombian coffee zone is la bandeja paisa? We loved tasting frijles con arroz, platanos, carne, aguacate, agua panela con limón. Y arepa con queso cuajado. Triple delicioso! Me gustan los platanos. Tenemos hambre. !Me encanta la arepa!

El museo de artesanía.

Lita has been collecting Colombian handicrafts for 40 years and created a museum for us to learn about beautiful Colombian crafts. Salento is a center for artesanía. A necklace hand-painted on a gourd. This bird was carved and painted by native peoples in the Amazon Basin. It is made from balsa wood. We learned about so many handicrafts from Colombia. Yo soy campesina. Me gusta el loro. Making pulseras, bracelets, just like the locals. ¡¡¡Locos con aretes!!!

¡Las puertas de Salento!

The core of every Spanish town, city and village is la plaza. Escuelita kids learned about picturesquel Salento and created their own Colombian community, each designing a street to line the plaza. Life in their village is bustling with la iglesia, la escuela, el restaurante, el hotel, la tienda de artesanía, el mercado, las casas y más.

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