Las plantas crecen...

The seeds were planted 3 weeks ago and are growing taller every day!! And the Escuelita kids are learning so much about the parts of the plant, edible foods and the life cycle of plants. Yay! We can spend more time outside!

Ya es primavera. Investigamos la razón de una flor.

Everybody loves springtime and the chance to be outside! The Escuelita scientists are learning about plant life cycles, botany and the uses for plant products. Our anchor text is La razón de una flor (The reason for a flower) by Ruth Heller. So much fun in the garden this week as the kids busily planted seeds to observe and record their growth. We went on a nature scavenger hunt and then the kids compared and contrasted their favorite leaves. Great use of descriptive vocabulary!

Haciendo sopa de piedra

What better way to warm up on a cold winter day than to make stone soup!! Escuelita kids are so proud of their culinary skills and devoured their tasty creation!! These budding Spanish speakers enjoy fellowship as they speak, read, write and think in a Spanish immersion setting!

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