¡Froggy se viste!

Froggy is our favorite character who combines storybook fun and scientific facts!! Escuelita kids dressed their ranas, painted frogs and learned about el ciclo de la vida de la rana. Do you know how to say tadpole in Spanish? Renacuajo.


Salento is everyone's favorite project! Our Escuelita kids created una plaza with brightly painted doors and storefronts for the local businesses: la iglesia, la panadería, el hotel, el restaurante la escuela, la farmacía y más... The highlight of the week was viewing an authentic museum of Artesanía Colombiana (Colomiban handicrafts), curated by Lita. We also learned traditional songs and games like La víbora de la mar and enjoyed daily capoeira classes with Tío David.

Fábulas, fábulas, fábulas...

Our second week of Escuelita de Lita Spanish camp was phenomenal! The Escuelita kids loved listening to and reading several Fábulas de Esopo and were able to identify the moral of each story!! They made amazing Fathers Day cards and a key holder to celebrate su papá. Capoeira, as always, was so much fun with Tío David and Tío Aldanie.

Campamento junio 3-7 Criaturas exóticas

So much fun and learning and friendship and Español at Escuelita de Lita Spanish camp this week!! Gracias a Shelley Hammond who gave an amazing presentation about Las criaturas exotícas!

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