We proudly present Cucú: an ancient Mayan folktale


All of us, big and little alike, acted out the a Mayan folktale called Cucú. We had fun making our own original costumes and learning about subsistence farming and Las tres hermanas: el maíz, el frijol y la calabaza.

Here is a snippet of our dress rehearsal.

Synopsis: "This story parables “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.” In this exciting Mayan tale, Cuckoo is a colorful bird who sings her sweet song all day and appears to be lazy. Finally the other industrious animals, who have prepared for the annual harvest the next day, tire of hearing her and fall into an exhausted sleep. Only Cuckoo is awake when a fire breaks out. She works tirelessly to save the seeds, though her voice is hoarse and her plumage is scorched. She earns the respect and gratitude of the other birds who admit that “you can't tell much about a bird by looking at its feathers.'' (book review)

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