As a teacher trainer who specializes in early second language learning, I have had the opportunity to observe many Spanish teachers across the country. Señora Duque is is among the very best Spanish teachers I have ever met. She keenly observes her learners' interests and designs personalized lesson plans to draw them into the amazing world of Spanish use. I have sent several student teachers to observe Linda, Sra Duque, to take note of the way she makes her authentic use of Spanish comprehensible. From the first day of class, Linda's students are encouraged to produce the language, leaving them fascinated by their ability to communicate effectively in Spanish within certain contexts. 

Linda is amazing, and I am fascinated in how quickly my 7 year-old daughter is beginning to gain much greater oral proficiency of Spanish since she started working with Linda in her Spanish class at Winnona Park as a kindergartner. I am so grateful to Sra Duque for helping my daughter leave her monolingual world and enter into a world of language play in an experiential learning environment, completely immersed in the Spanish language in an engaging, non-threatening way. 


She is a gifted, charismatic, charming, clever, funny, kind-hearted AMAZING person to have in my daughter's life. I am so glad that my strong belief that young children must develop second language proficiency in order to comprehend the complexity of intercultural exchanges in today's increasingly global market. But my daughter would never imagine the value of being an adult bilingual today. For her, Spanish playgroup with Señora Duque has become her FAVORITE after school activity.

Dr. Paula Garrett-Rucks
Assistant Professor, SLA, FL Education & French
Department of Modern & Classical Languages
Georgia State University

"Lita, I just had to share with you that Sophia is voluntarily speaking a little Spanish at home!!!!! She says things like, "Hola, mama" and "Donde esta papa?" "Aqui esta!" And I am OVERJOYED. Thank you so much for providing a comfortable but challenging immersion environment for a child who used to tell me to "please stop speaking Spanish!" 


Thank you thank you thank you! I can't believe we are not even through the second week!"




My girls have loved participating in Escuelita de Lita!  They come home singing and speaking in Spanish more than ever.  Señora Duque makes the class so much fun for the kids, they have no idea they are learning so much!

Riley's and Elizabeth's mom

Señora Duque has put a passion in our child’s heart for learning language and learning about other cultures.  She has been Hannah’s favorite teacher since she started elementary school, and now, with Escuelita de Lita, my child gets special time with Señora Duque to continue building her Spanish speaking and reading skills.  We are thrilled with Hannah’s enthusiasm for this class and for all the exciting activities that Señora Duque provides to make learning so much fun!  Our daughter actually asked for a Spanish dictionary for Christmas, because she loves Spanish so much!  Señora Duque does an amazing job at incorporating cultural experiences in class, as well.  The other day in class, our daughter got to try several varieties of Spanish food and see flamenco dancing during class.  She could not stop talking about it when she got home!  We have always hoped that our child would embrace diversity and multiculturalism as she grows.  We think that her beloved Señora Duque has her well on her way to becoming a bi-lingual child who loves to learn about and participate in cultural traditions of many kinds.   We highly recommend Escuelita de Lita to any parent who wants to enrich their child’s language skills in an incredibly fun way!

Andy and Laura


Shortly after beginning classes, my kids started speaking to me in Spanish at home.  While crafting one day, my son casually looked up and asked me "Dónde están las tijeras?" 

While playing together my kids sing Spanish songs from Escuelita de Lita, that kind of background singing that one does while engrossed in work/play.

I love that the program is Spanish language immersive.  Sra. Duque uses simple everyday ideas to draw the kids into learning, and then the kids are off  to explore on their own using the tools of Spanish language. My kids connect to the language on their terms and then want more. The best part is that they have fun in the group!  They always look forward to Spanish on Tuesdays.

Julie Baggenstoss, Parent

Sam said he wished he could spend all day in Spanish, lunch and recess,

so I think we'll be signing him up again!

Holly Day, Parent

Hudson has been attending Escuelita De Lita for the past two years and Spencer joined as soon as he entered Kindergarten.  It has truly become one of their favorite activities during the week.  They LOVE it.  We often find them talking about their Spanish experiences all week long and it certainly carries over into their classroom Spanish work, providing extra confidence and knowledge.  As parents, we are grateful to have such an incredible opportunity to provide them a weekly immersion into the culture and language.  We cannot thank you enough!

Eric and April

Escuelita makes Spanish fun and seamless. Señora Duque is responsive and resourceful. The overall Spanish experience has been positive and fun. My son gives the program a thumbs-up!


I love how much fun I have with Señora Duque and Spanish.  We get to do all sort of fun activities like planting frijoles and learning about nature. Once we tasted guayabas because that whole day we were talking about all sorts of fruits from Mexico.  I love everything about Escuelita de Lita.  It’s not just about learning stuff it’s also about learning to speak Spanish. Señora Duque explains things in a fun way and it is easy to understand.  I want to keep learning to speak Spanish.

Anika age 7

My daughter has participated in Escuelita De Lita for over a year and I couldn't be more pleased.  She feels that what she learns in "Spanish club" adds to what she learns in school.  She enjoys the activities and learning about Latin culture from other countries. This experience with Señora Duque is not only helping to foster Spanish as a second language, but also bringing customs of the Spanish speaking world to life.  Highly recommend!